The Wow Factor: Impressing Your Party Guests


Creating a Memorable Event

Every hostess hopes that their guests have a wonderful time at their event. Having a lull in your party can bring down the spirit of the entire party. One way to prevent a drop in spirits is by providing entertainment.

Often times, entertainment is only brought in for children’s parties to keep their interest. Adults can appreciate having a form of entertainment as well. Plus it makes for a wonderful memory that your guests will speak of fondly.

Types of Entertainment for Your Party

Interactive entertainment is the best way to engage your guests during your next event. Here are activities that will be a big hit at your next party.

Wine Tasting During the Cocktail Hour

Be it a wedding or fundraiser, drinking is always expected. So why not introduce your guests to new varietals of wine with a tasting? Find an expert sommelier who can teach your guests the difference between different wines. You can also hold a beer or liquor tasting if wine is not your style.

Teach Them How to Move

A wedding is an event where guests expect to get up and move. For those who don’t know how to move, hire a dance instructor to teach your guests how to dance. Merengue and salsas are extremely popular or choose a classic such as a waltz. For some extreme fun, choose swing to really get things moving.

Dinner and a Show

Or give your guests a show along with their meal by hiring performers for the dinner hour. Book a belly dancer to perform during dinner or hula dancers for a luau-inspired event.

Capture Memories

A photo booth at your party is another way guests can have some fun at a party. Have props on hand for your guests to get silly such as boas, funny glasses, hats, and tiaras.

Make Your Own Dessert

End the night with a dessert bar that allows your guests to build their own dessert such as a sundae bar. It will allow your guests to feel like kids again and have a yummy dessert as well.

Party Rentals in Los Angeles

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Pomp and Circumstance: Graduation Party Ideas


Celebrating the Graduate

Life goes by in the blink of an eye, what was once the first day of kindergarten is now the last day or high school or college. It is moments like this that are cause for celebration. Customizing the party to fit your graduate is quite simple. Here are a few simple ways to throw a fantastic graduation party that will showcase the graduate.

How to Throw a Graduation Party


With the theme of the party already taken care of, you can jump right into the decorations of the party.

First, figure out the color scheme. This is relatively simple by going with the school colors. If the student is graduating from high school or going on to a different university after college, choose the future school colors.

After choosing the colors, find decorations that match or go with the theme of the party. Start with the basics like tablecloths and chair covers to create a chic look.

For a bit of whimsy, make garlands of “tassels” that are made out of tissue paper that will hang with strands of light.

Create your own photo booth by using a black backdrop and writing Class of 2016 on it in chalk. Encourage everyone who will be posting their photos online to use a custom hashtag, such as the student’s name or initials with 2016 added to it.

Food and Treats

Keep food simple but delicious. You can have a buffet of food which allows all of your guests to serve themselves and leave you free to ensure all other needs are taken care of. Plus a buffet is the perfect blend of casual and chic.

Go all out with the dessert portion of the meal. Create a sweets table that plays on the graduation team. Lay out Pirouette cookies on a platter with ribbons tied around them and a sign that states they are “Diploma Cookies”. Ring Pops can be considered “Class Rings” and have plenty of Smarties and Dum Dums for a playful feel.

Share Some Wisdom

Have a book that all of the guests can write words of encouragement or advice for the graduate. It makes a great memento that graduates can go back to on days they need a boost.

Los Angeles Party Rentals

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Planning an Outdoor Event


Spring Has Sprung!

Spring season is officially here. That means the weather is perfect for hosting an outdoor event. Even the springtime can bring some surprises. Days can vary from perfectly sunny to a grey drizzle. Rather than see all of your effort go to waste, take the precautions to face the elements.
Be Prepared for All Types of Weather
Mild, sunny days are the norm but it is not unheard of to experience wind and rain. To prepare for anything there are a few things you will want to do. First, you will want to check the weather forecasts that day, and a few days prior, to get an idea of the day. Then you will want to have umbrellas or canopies on-hand. Both will work to protect guests and food from rain or extreme sun. You can also rent fans for when the day is exceptionally warm or heaters to protect against a chill in the night air.
Reserve a tent or an indoor space as your backup plan.
Shed Some Light
If your party will run into the evening, hang up lights. Any party will come to a screeching halt when the sun sets and no one can see their hand in front of their face. Simple string lights will look wonderful while providing enough illumination so that you and your guests can see.
Have the Necessary Equipment
Lighting, sound systems, and various other electronics are items you will not want to forget. Having electronics outdoors can be a little tricky. Which is why you will want to double-check the area beforehand for outlets. Extension cords may be necessary to reach all of the equipment. If outlets are not possible then you will need a generator.
Make Sure Your Guests are Comfortable
As you can see, being the host of an outdoor event has its own set of complications, but guests comfort should not slip by the wayside. Have the amenities on-hand that will keep them comfortable. Such as buckets filled with ice and drinks. Or have hand fans so that everyone can keep the heat at bay.
Be sure you have everything on hand by ordering your party rentals with us. We carry everything from flatware to tents. Happy event planning!

4 Creative Easter Party Ideas

Easter is right around the corner! If you’re thinking about having a party or other activities with children, below are 4 great Creative Easter Party Ideas (some DIY ) !

1. We love this family tradition of color coordinating an Easter egg hunt! (Found this idea on pinterest without an original source! If anyone knows who’s idea this is, let us know!)

Great Idea for a fair Easter Egg Hunt. Each child can only collect their colored egg. This prevents one child from grabbing all the eggs.:

2. What’s better than getting a basket of candy as a kid on Easter? Getting candy in an edible basket made of candy! Check out this great idea and more by the Krazy Coupon Lady here:


3. Have some fun DIY games set up around your home! This Pin the Tail on the Bunny is a great holiday appropriate twist to this classic party game! Great idea from The Crazy Wonderful blog.

pin the tail on the bunny

4. Have a nice brunch outdoors with a beautiful set up such as the one seen here from ! We love the soft spring colors and simple decor with balloons and streamers. Give us a call to see our Natural Chairs in person! See more from here:

outdoor table


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These color glassware rentals are available in Amber, Aquamarine, Olive Green and Pink.


Our Florence Dinner Plate compliments our Striped Trim Gold Charger, Solid Gold Flatware and Blush Glitz Sequin Table Linen beautifully! This dinner plate is very versatile and mixes well with a variety of different types of chargers, linens, glassware and decor. Available in the color seen below, Pearalized Gray.

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For a change from the traditional white dinnerware, try our Solid Black Dinnerware! Mix and match dinnerware styles with our Solid Black collection to create a unique and modern table setting at your next event.

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A wonderful match with the Solid Black Dinnerware, our Black & Gold Empire Coupe Plate will create a truly memorable table setting! From Great Gatsby themed parties to New Years Eve celebrations and wedding receptions, our Black & Gold Empire Coupe Plate is a great addition.


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Our French Floral dinnerware is a beautiful addition to any table setting! The lovely floral detail of this dinnerware collection will awe guests and bring your table setting or tablescape to life.



Now onto our new furniture and decor items! Below is our Vintage Black and White Sofa. Pair with our White Suede Pillows, White Candelabras, Chiavari Chairs and more to create a beautiful event setting! The vintage feel of this sofa rental is great for weddings, bridal photo shoots, anniversary parties, Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed events and more. Our Vintage Black & White Sofa is not only stylish, it’s also amazingly comfortable! Guests will love the look and feel of this unique seating choice.

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Next up is our Vintage French Cabinet rental! This beautiful furniture piece is the perfect canvas for a variety of different decor items and styles. Fill with florals, decorative bottles, keep sake items for wedding guests, beverage dispensers for a drink area and much more. Great for an especially romantic feel at your wedding reception!

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Below is our new Decorative Backdrop with Antique Frames! Fill the frames with your own photos to create a personal and memorable backdrop for photo booths, bridal photo sessions, birthday parties and more.


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Have a beautiful standing mirror for your bridal suite on your wedding day! Our detailed standing mirror will add a beautiful antique and vintage feel to any event.

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Hosting an Oscar-Themed Party


How to Host an Oscar Viewing Party

Hollywood’s biggest night is just around the corner. While you might not have scored a ticket to the night’s proceedings, you can celebrate in style from the comfort of your own home. Here are a few tips to throwing a great party to rival Vanity Fair’s annual shindig.
Hand Out Your Own Awards
Purchase a few fake statuettes to pass out throughout the night. As you will see below, you can hand them out for several categories like Best Dressed and Ballot Winner.
Dress the Part
The one aspect many viewers look forward to is the red carpet coverage beforehand. All of the stunning dresses, glittering jewels, and dashing suits. Glam it up with them and encourage your guests to dress to the nines. Award the Best Dressed man and woman at your party.
Your décor should also match the festivities of the night. Lay down a red carpet for your guests to walk in on. Set-up a photo booth at the end of it. Place long gold streamers in the back and a camera on a tripod or use your phones to capture silly photos. It will be a fun night your guests will want to remember.
Rather than use plastic glasses or paper napkins, up your game by renting glass champagne flutes, linen tablecloths and napkins.
• Cast Your Vote
Print out Oscar Ballots, there are many free prints to be found on the internet. Have everyone mark their predictions before the event gets underway. You can again, award a statuette to the guest(s) who have the most correct answers.
• Food and Drink
Champagne is the drink of choice for any Oscar party. Make sure you have a few bottles chilled to celebrate the night. Sparkling apple cider is also a great alternative. A variety of drinks is always best to have on-hand.
When it comes to food, make it simple by having a wide variety of hors d’oeuvres for guests to snack on throughout the night. Pigs in a blanket, stuffed mushrooms, egg rolls, and bacon-wrapped shrimp are just a few things you can pick from. Do not forget the popcorn to pay a nod to the movies.

On behalf of MTB Event Rentals, we hope these tips have helped you and you have a wonderful night.

Elegance the Easy Way


Simple and Stunning

Throwing any type of party comes with its own set of challenges but they should not be so much that it leaves you feeling stressed. One type of event many dread planning is an affair that is incredibly polished. With the right plan, it is not only achievable but incredibly simple to pull off.

All in the Décor

Having the right decorations is key when it comes to planning a great party. Here are items that will make a world of difference.
Linens- Cheap plastic tablecloths and paper napkins should be saved for a backyard barbeque. A posh event calls for linen tablecloths and napkins. Classic white tablecloths are perfect for any event and a funny little twist by folding the napkins into shape.
Silverware and Flatware- As stated before, plastic and paper should not be found anywhere on your table. Rent silverware, real flatware, and glass water and wine glasses to create a place setting for each guest. Before the event starts, inspect the tables to look for dirty forks and plates or smudged glasses. Don’t allow your carefully planned event be marred by dirty dishes.
Centerpieces- Flowers centerpieces are a staple at any event but there are a few ways you can make yours unique. First and foremost, only pick flowers that do not have a scent as they can trigger a guest’s allergies and work against the smell of dinner. Candles are also a good addition or substitution but the same rules apply when it comes to smells. You can opt for plants instead such as succulents if it matches the theme of the party.
Other Decorations- Lighting can remain simple as long as it is adequate. A dark environment will not showcase your efforts. If the event is held outdoors, strands of lights add a touch of whimsy and elegance. If you are not a fan on the interior walls, which can easily be covered with draping flowy material.

Party Rentals in Cerritos

Do not feel as if you have to purchase all of these materials when you can simply rent them. Renting makes it even easier as the products will be delivered to your location and taken away once the event is over. So muss, no fuss.
At MTB Event Rentals, we provide all of the décor items you need to throw a fabulous affair. For additional information, peruse our site.

5 Tips For Hosting a Superbowl Party!

Are you ready to throw a great Superbowl Party this year? Here are 10 great tips to throwing an amazing Superbowl Party while rooting for your team!

1. Get PLENTY of plates/ utensils/ napkins/ cups/ trash bags/ Ziploc bags, etc. Guests will use multiple plates for all your delicious foods, forget which cup is theirs and need plenty of napkins to clean up. We recommend disposable plates for this messy and exciting occasion!  Plus, there are so many great disposable items that can add to your decor such as the plates, cups and napkins shown below!


2. Food & Refreshments- get creative with your snacks! Don’t forget the condiments. Check out these Essential Snacks Every Super Bowl Party Should Have for snack ideas!

Nachos Guacamole

3. Have Coolers/ Chill Tubs handy (need one? Check out our rental here). Have 1 for food, 1 for drinks. Don’t forget to pick up the ice! An alternative could be to use beverage dispensers for drinks. See ours here.

Inflatable Football Buffet Cooler | What a cool idea for your football party drinks! Just add ice and beverages for a game-worthy drink station. #footballparty:

4. Have a bar! Taco or Nacho bar that is! Tacos, Nachos, Wings and more are classic Superbowl Tailgating foods. Guests will absolutely love creating their own tacos or nachos.

This nacho bar is easy to do, and people really get excited about making their own nachos. This recipe is a great idea for any party.:

5. Have some rivalry fun! Place bets on game outcomes or make a game out of it. Losing team can be part of the clean up crew! You can also deck out your place with both teams colors and logos as seen below.

Among all those great ideas, don’t forget your essentials such as tables, chairs and linens! We have a great variety of tables and chair rentals available. Try out disposable table covers for a Superbowl Party; lots of food and drinks = messy disaster! Disposable table covers will do the trick and make the clean up much faster!

Also check out our Lighting options for backyard events, Beverage Dispensers and other beverage service items and serving equipment (such as chafer or chafing dishes rentals).

Serving the Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernadino and Riverside counties (including cities such as Encino, Calabasas and Newport Beach). Give us a call at 844-815-8620 to reserve your rental items today!

A Look Back on 2015

What a year it has been here at MTB Event Rentals! Take a look at some (but not all!) of our favorite events from this past year.

From backyard parties to weddings and expos, we have enjoyed every minute of 2015! Do you have a picture from your event featuring our rentals? Send them over to or share them on Facebook and tag MTB Event Rentals.

Best Wishes from MTB and Happy New Year!

Celebrating the New Year’s in a Different Way


Planning a New Type of New Year’s Event

There comes a time where dancing into the New Year at a club has a “Been There, Done That” feel. If you are feeling the same way then it may be time to begin a new tradition. A New Year’s Day brunch is the perfect way to celebrate the beginning of a New Year. Why throw a brunch? It will not conflict with anyone’s New Year’s Eve celebration and offer a perfect moment to catch up and exchange your New Year’s resolution.

New Year’s Day Brunch

New Year’s Eve parties are a dime a dozen but having a get-together on New Year’s Day can breathe a breath of fresh air into this special occasion. A brunch is ideal as it will keep the festivities going while providing party goers time to recuperate from the celebrations the night before. The event can be a big blowout or an intimate event, whatever you choose, here are a few items you will need to throw a fabulous event.
First, pick a venue and a time. The easiest place may be your home if it will accommodate all of your guests or rent a small banquet hall. Rent enough chairs and tables so everyone has a place to sit. Even if you are having it at home, chances are you may not have enough chairs or table space for all your guests. Seeing as it is a brunch, hold it later on in the morning to allow last night party goers a chance to recover.
Cooking for the brunch yourself can be done but will leave you scrambling back and forth between entertaining your guests and checking on food. Instead, have the event catered or choose food that can be served room temperature or kept in warmers.
Make it fun by having a photo booth station to take the first selfies of the season. Or place a card and pen at each seat for guests to write out their New Year’s resolutions.

Event Rentals in Glendale

If you are in the need of event rentals, seek out the chic items from MTB Event Rentals. Our rentals will provide your event with a great look to kick off the New Year. For additional information, peruse our site or contact us at (844)815-8620.