Buffet Essentials


Buffets have become an extremely popular option for wedding receptions, parties and much more! Here are some of the products we believe clients should look for as buffet essentials.

First off, WHY have a buffeted wedding or other event?

Buffets are a great, cost effective way to feed guests at your wedding reception, birthday party and more! Guests will love being able to pick and choose what foods they would like to eat. By cutting the service cost, you can serve higher quality food to your guests or put that money towards lighting, decor and more. Guests are also encouraged to walk around and socialize with others with such a laid back environment!

What You’ll Need:

Chafers/ Chafing Dishes:

8 qt chafing dish rental 8 qt chafer rental catering rentals los angeles, CA

4qt round chafing dish 4 qt round chafer rental catering rentals los angeles ca

Chafers or chafing dish rentals are a great way to serve delicious foods buffet style at your wedding reception, family reunion, corporate gathering, holiday party, birthday party and more! Event planners, caterers and party goers all love the ease and convenience of using chafing dish rentals at their events.

Here we have our Stainless Steel Rectangular Chafer rental, 8 qt capacity, and our Round Gold Accented Chafer rental, 4 qt capacity. We carry other shapes and sizes as well, be sure to check them out here. All of our chafer rentals are High Polish Stainless Steel. Includes Sterno, Lid, Water Pan and Food Pan. Additional Pans available separately.

Beverage Dispensers:

beveragedispenser800Beverage Service Rentals Beverage Dispenser Rental 3 Gallon Beverage Dispenser with Ice ChamberSamovar Rental Electric Kettle Rental100 Cup Coffee Maker and Urn Rental coffee urn rental los angeles beverage dispenser rental

Above, from left to right: Glass Beverage Dispenser, 3 Gallon Acrylic Beverage Dispenser, Samovar/ Electric Kettle, 100 Cup Coffee Urn/Maker

When you are having a buffet style event everything must come in larger quantities, including drinks! For cool or cold drinks, we recommend our Glass Beverage Dispenser-2.2 Gallon or our 3 Gallon Acrylic Beverage Dispenser with Ice Chamber. Both are great options for drinks such as water, lemonade, iced tea and more. One great feature of our 3 Gallon Acrylic Beverage Dispenser is it’s included ice chamber that will keep drinks cold without watering them down! For hot beverages, we have our Samovar/Electric Kettle and our 100 Cup Coffee Urn/Maker. We also have our Plastic Coffee and Tea Thermals available in black and white (not pictured).


The glassware needed at your event will be highly dependent on what you plan on serving. Do you plan on serving each guest wine/champagne or will they be free to visit the bar for a drink? The norm for weddings, even in a buffet setting, is to have a water goblet and a champagne flute set on the table when guests arrive. If you are hiring a bartender, they typically have their own glassware handy or will help you decide what glassware specifically you will need depending on what you’ll have available to serve such as Martini glasses, shot glasses, tumblers and more. Shown below are our Water Goblet, Champagne Flute and White Wine Glass but check out our Glassware Category here to see more.

Water Goblet Rental Glassware Rental Drinkware Rental Los Angeles , CA Champagne Flute Rental Glassware Rental Drinkware Rental Los Angeles CA Whine Wine Glass Rental Glassware Rentals Drinkware Rentals Los Angeles, CA

Other glassware you may need includes our Water Pitcher, Carafe, Glass Serving Bowl and our Double Old Fashioned Glass.

Serving Platters:

The type of serving platter needed for events are very dependent on what kind of food is being served. From finger foods to sushi, different foods call for different serving platters. Here is a look at just a few of the many we offer.

Thick Rimmed Rectangular Serving Platter Rental Catering Rentals Los Angeles

Thick Rimmed Rectangular

Flared Edge Serving Platter Rental Catering Rentals Los Angeles Dinnerware Rentals

Flared Edge Serving Platter

Leaf Shaped Serving Platter Catering Rentals Serving Platter Rentals Los Angeles

Leaf Shaped Serving Platter

Flat Rimmed Rectangular Platter Rental

Flat Rimmed Rectangular Platter

14 inch Oval Platter Rental Oval Plate Rental Catering Rentals

Oval Platter Rental





These are just a few of the items you may need for your buffet. Take a look at our catalog to determine if there are any other rentals you may need!

Recreate this Look!

It is nearly impossible these days to plan a wedding, birthday party, holiday party and any other event without consulting Pinterest! Take a look at one of our favorite pins below and what rental products we would suggest when recreating this lovely event setting.

Reliable Service & Quality Products

Reliable Service & Quality Products: These are our main priorities here at MTB Event Rentals. We service all types of events, from weddings & graduations to family reunions & backyard BBQs. Our products and services include but are not limited to Dinnerware Rentals, Glassware Rentals, Tent Rentals, Stage Rentals, Flooring Rentals, Concession Machine Rentals and more! See all of our products on our website or here on our online catalog:

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Hold your special occasion outdoors with our Tent Rentals and other various products! Outdoor weddings and other events have been extremely popular this last year and will continue to prove a wonderful choice in the future. Tent draping and tent lining services are available as well!

30 x 50 Frame Tent Rental 30x90 Frame Tent Rental Large Frame Tent Rental Wedding Tent Rental

Transform your venue with our draping & lighting services provided by our knowledgeable and experienced staff! Our lighting services range from LED Uplights and Wall Washers to Market Lighting, String Globe Lighting and more. We can come to your venue before you place your order to determine exactly what you will need!

Indoor Draping, Pipe & Drape   Indoor Draping, Pipe & Drape

Our dinnerware, flatware and glassware are all disinfected, washed, dried, inspected and packaged in order to ensure client satisfaction. We take no short cuts when preparing our items for use!

Striped Silver Trim Glass Charger, Square Dinnerware

Striped Silver Trim Glass Charger, Square Dinnerware

Every event is an important one, no matter how big or small. MTB Event Rentals will work hard to ensure clients are happy and stress free during their special occasion. Call us today to speak with one of our Event Consultants at 844-815-8620 !

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